publishing services

Publishing Services

We combine editorial and creative imagination to provide unique magazines and newsletters for a variety of organisations. These publications provide highly focussed, much sought after, niche marketing opportunities to advertisers and sponsors. This combined with unique marketing and intelligent distribution methods means that these communications are read first, kept the longest and advertisers get the best response rate.

Design Services

We are media neutral, objectives led and completely flexible in the way we work - we work on a project basis, as a full service agency and everything in between. We have no preconceptions about fees, retainers or contracts, we put your objectives first. We also know that appointing a new agency can be a major decision - not with PW Media & Publishing Ltd - Design Services, we will work alongside your existing providers so you can keep your options open.

Putting your objectives first

The type of work we do is solely determined by our client's objectives but usually involves one or a mix of the following: Design for print, Advertising design, Media buying, Corporate Identity, Digital media and Direct marketing.